WWE Diva Paige! (18 pics)

WWE Diva Paige is one of the hottest female pro wrestlers going right now!

With her unique look and solid in ring skills really make her stand out, she’s easily one of the hottest women’s wrestlers in the world right now!


WWE Diva Paige is originally from Norwich, Norfolk, England. With both her parents being pro wrestlers, it was just a matter of time before she stepped in the ring herself. Though she’s not very muscular, she’s incredibly athletic and fit. While she could certainly get by on her looks, she’s got some pretty good ring skills too! She’s been wrestling most of her life all around the US and the UK before being signed by WWE.

Today the pale dark haired beauty is one of the most popular WWE Divas. At the young age of 22, she’s already been very successful, having won multiple women’s championships in both WWE and NXT (WWE’s minor league promotion). She’s also joined the cast of WWE reality show Total Divas and she’s helping pick the next generation of pro wrestlers on their competition series Tough Enough! WWE Diva Paige is certainly a highlight of the WWE!

wwe-diva-paige-02 wwe-diva-paige-03 wwe-diva-paige-04 wwe-diva-paige-05 wwe-diva-paige-06

Fun Fact: Paige was the very first NXT Women’s Champion!

wwe-diva-paige-07 wwe-diva-paige-08 wwe-diva-paige-09 wwe-diva-paige-10 wwe-diva-paige-11 wwe-diva-paige-12 wwe-diva-paige-13 wwe-diva-paige-14 wwe-diva-paige-15

Fun Fact: Paige became the youngest Divas Champion in history at the age of 21!

wwe-diva-paige-16 wwe-diva-paige-17 wwe-diva-paige-18

If you want to see more of WWE Diva Paige, check her out every week on WWE shows, and be sure to follow Paige on Twitter and Instagram for even more pics of the sexy grappler!!

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