WWE’s Alexa Bliss Is Heating Things Up! (Video + Pics)

Meet Alexa Bliss, the latest and hottest addition to WWE’s Women’s Division. This blonde babe definitely has the right look to be a star! Check out this video of one of her recent entrances, I think you’ll love the Harley Quinn style look she’s going for with her hair.

I don’t know why she’s dressed like a stripped to compete, but I love it! I’ll be watching this more than a few times! Here’s some sexy pics of Alexa, because why not?

wwe alexa bliss 5wwe alexa bliss 9 wwe alexa bliss 8 wwe alexa bliss 7 wwe alexa bliss 6 wwe alexa bliss 4 wwe alexa bliss 2wwe alexa bliss 3

If you want to see more of Alexa be sure to let us know, and definitely follow her on Twitter!

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