Whale Tails In The Wild! (15 pics)

If you’re not familiar, a whale tail is the back of a girls thong peeking out from her jeans, short, yoga pants… whatever. It’s hot as fuck being able to see a peek of a hot girls thong out in the open like that! Let’s see those whale tails ladies!

tumblr_mno0a3pS0J1s6qt1ho1_1280 20150530225328-cae67a13 B3-EVPJCQAAkFkJ B9_XOHSCMAAa022 Bq7VeveCEAAIQbi Bt0lwWtCEAA0rAu BvLm9pyCIAAjwX4 BzIj-40CMAEPC51 ko7hs6bwzwop N4V8GEy sGsSuHO tumblr_mbj9moE9X71ro8wwho1_1280 tumblr_mbj9njca0X1ro8wwho1_500 tumblr_mcbh0nJBlW1ruxo43o1_1280 tumblr_mlfy44jrXR1rgfrg4o1_500

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