Sexy Baristas Will Have You Craving More Than Coffee! (19 pics)

Apparently there are lots of coffee places popping up around the U.S. these days that feature sexy baristas serving coffee in skimpy bikinis and lingerie. Some are pretty much topless, wearing nothing but pasties covering their nipples! I’ve only just learned about this, but I whole heatedly support it!

And if anyone knows where I can find a coffee shop with hot baristas like these girls, please let me know in the comments!

sexy_baristas0005 sexy_baristas0006 sexy_baristas0007 sexy_baristas0008 sexy_baristas0009 sexy_baristas0010 sexy_baristas0011 sexy_baristas0012 sexy_baristas0013 sexy_baristas0014 sexy_baristas0015 sexy_baristas0016 sexy_baristas0017 sexy_baristas0018 sexy_baristas0019 sexy_baristas0001 sexy_baristas0002 sexy_baristas0003 sexy_baristas0004

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