Bikini Baristas! (16 pics)

Bikini Baristas are serving up something hot!

These hot “bikini baristas” are a hot new trend we looked at a few months ago (see Sexy Baristas Will Have You Craving More Than Coffee!). Basically these coffee shops are popping up all over the place, with hot girls in bikinis and lingerie serving coffee! I can’t imagine a better way to get a hot coffee!

What do you think about bikini baristas? Would you like your morning coffee served to you by a hot girl in skimpy lingerie? Let us know!

bikini-baristas-001 bikini-baristas-002 bikini-baristas-003 bikini-baristas-004 bikini-baristas-005 bikini-baristas-006 bikini-baristas-007 bikini-baristas-008 bikini-baristas-009 bikini-baristas-010 bikini-baristas-011 bikini-baristas-012 bikini-baristas-013 bikini-baristas-014 bikini-baristas-015 bikini-baristas-016

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